Dental Assisting Programs in Princeton, West Virginia, WV

So you’re considering becoming a dental assistant and are therefore investigating dental assisting programs in Princeton, West Virginia, WV.  One of the things I’m sure you want to know before you become fully trained is whether or not there will actually be a job waiting for you when you graduate. As you know, the economy is going through a bit of a rough patch and some career choices do not show long term trends for growth.

Luckily, this career is not one of them.

The foremost authority on the sort of numbers that matter to you, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, reports that for the period between 2010 and 2020, there will be a 31% increase in the demand for dental assistants. That’s roughly about 91,600 new jobs in this field.

Consequentially, this confirms that you are definitely on the right track by searching for dental assisting programs in Princeton, West Virginia.

How Much Education Do You Need?

Although highly recommended, it is not always necessary to obtain formal education in order to work as a dental assistant. For instance, some states require no more than a high school diploma and a willingness to learn the trade via on the job training.

Regardless of whether or not formal training is required in Princeton, you can never go wrong by investing in yourself with some education.

Employers, for instance, always prefer to hire properly trained individuals over untrained job applicants, since it means fewer headaches for them. In this way, you would gain an advantage when applying for any job position. Also, you can expect your starting salary to be higher as well.

Nonetheless, some states do require formal education and certification, and in this case, it is mandatory to take an accredited dental assistant program and pass the state certification exam in order to work.

Typical dental assisting programs cover…

  • Dental terminologies.
  • Name of instruments and tools and familiarity with them.
  • Doing daily tasks
  • Dental patient interaction protocol
  • Operational activities required to help keep a dental clinic running smoothly

Dental assistant classes, training programs and courses are available from vocational institutions, community colleges, technical schools and universities. Most certificate or diploma training programs will only take up to 1 year to accomplish while other colleges offer 2-year associate degree programs. The official body that provides accreditation for these programs is the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation.

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While not necessary, becoming a CDA (or Certified Dental Assistant) also improves both employment and earning opportunities. To become certified you first need either…

  1. Two years of on the job training
  2. A diploma from an accredited program
Once you have either of those, you are then eligible to take the Dental Assisting National Board’s CDA examination.

Work Description

Dental assistants also perform several tasks like patient care and record keeping. They may be assigned other duties as well depending on the state and the dentist they serve. However their core duties include:

  • Assisting the dentist.
  • Help in providing a more efficient dental treatment.
  • Preparing patients for treatment.
  • Sterilize instruments.
  • Pass instruments during a procedure.
  • Holding the suction devices.
  • Expose dental radiographs.
  • Fabricate provisional crowns.

Throughout any dental procedures, this professional serves as an extra hand for the dentist or dental operator, handing them what they need when they need it, and catering to the patient’s needs.

Work Related Statistics

In 2010, dental assistants held a total of 297,200 jobs around the United States. The median annual salary for dental assistants was $33,470 in May 2010 while the top 10% of earners made more than $47,090. Most were employed full time but 40% worked part time on evenings and during weekends.

The above is a complete overview of the dental assistants’ tasks as well as educational requirements. If you are interested in investigating local dental assisting programs in Princeton, West Virginia, we recommend you use the search forms provided in this page.

Good luck!